M3U URL: https://btsstreams.com/m3u – by default this M3U file includes all channels in ABR format. If you find a live feed isn’t displaying properly in your IPTV software it may not support ABR video files. If this is the case you can include one of the options below to the URL.

M3U Options:

  • https://btsstreams.com/m3u/?q=hd – This option with include all channels at their source bitrate (3.5 to 7mbps)
  • https://btsstreams.com/m3u/?q=mobile – This output is for users on a slow internet connection. The average stream bitrate is around 768kbps.


I’ve included a basic program guide for the channels in the M3U File. By default it should be auto populated in your IPTV software when you enter the M3U info, but if it’s not then you can enter https://btsstreams.com/epg/ when prompted for a EPG URL. This step is totally optional.